Do not think that Charly Boy has forgotten that 2Face was forced to stop his nationwide protest, he is still very angry with members of the ruling class in the country.

He has accused the politicians of ruining the future of Nigerian youths through their actions in governance.

He said, “Reality bites. I hope Nigerians can now see the disadvantage of waiting for my “turn to chop”. We are all guilty. The youths have been corrupted by their docility, inaction and fear.

“The future of the youths has been stolen by very wicked, vile and insensitive politicians whose sole purpose of governance is to enrich themselves. If the youths can’t rise to the challenge, then it’s a shame. If we can’t pull ourselves together, millions of us will eat sand before the end of the year.”

He had decided to start a new movement with the hashtag,  #OurMumuDonDo  “This is a movement of frustrated Nigerians determined to change the Nigerian state by fighting for the good of all. We have suffered. We are hungry and we have been looted, ravaged and bastardised by criminal politicians because they always take us for granted.

 “They use religion and ethnicity to divide us along our fault lines, while they loot us dry with audacious impunity. This is the time for the citizens to fight back. #OurMumuDonDo will flood the system with the coalition of this vexed, frustrated and angry Nigerians. We will flush out the politicians and criminals in government who will not take #NIGERIAFIRST as their new mantra. We are ready to die to ensure that government is responsive to all. Let me take the first bullet. Our Pain is enough and our anger must be channelled to change Nigeria for the good of all. #OurMumuDonDo.”