Blackface didn’t get the popularity he may have wanted as he lashed at 2Face for planning a nationwide protest that is even getting the presidency worried.  Blackface had said to 2Face; ‘Lets educate the illiterate as he leads the protest.’ However, Nigerians have come for his head and it is not funny.

One told him “Envy written all over this message. He likewise organized a protest for a peaceful election ‘vote not fight’ Don’t allow ur personal relationship with him cloud your judgment…Besides he’s also a Nigerian” While another said “Don forget so soon how you sang hard life? @blackfacenaija so the hard life Don favor you so tail you come like am. You need more weed bro. Help yourself with the truth otherwise stay your lane and stop confusing yourself. You wen go school wen nor be illiterate how market? Book Don help you.”

As if that was not enough, another said  “@blackfacenaija came for Tuface because it is 2face. If it were another celeb, he’d have stayed mute like he had done all these while. Imagine indicting 2face with this lame statistics. Seriously you need to let this hurt go & do really good with your life. You have gone so basic and elementary to be peddling these kinds of things. This is really disappointing. If it were another celeb, you would have been quiet. Now it is @official2baba you don open adult mouth take talk children talk. You fall hand O! Get a grip of this grudge and get a life while at it. This is low, slow, basic, elementary and a dumb move!”