Following the visit of some students of the Government Secondary School, Kubwa, Abuja on Tuesday, the Chairman of the ICPC, Mr. Ekpo Nta has said during the visit that Nigerians do not see any issue with corrupt practices.

 The Chairman who was represented by the Head of Department, Education, Mr. Geoffrey Anumve said Nigerians are fond of describing their activities as a witch hunt rather than standing supporting security agencies in the fight against.

He advised Nigerians to be concerned in fighting corruption rather than trying to know who was arrested and so on.

In his words, “You see one Nigerian stealing billions of naira and dollars that could have been used for education and the construction of bridges and the irony of it is that many Nigerians do not see anything bad in it. They justify it.

At times, they say it is one-sided; why are you not touching this person? But we ask this question: We have so many armed robbers and kidnappers out there. Have we arrested all the robbers at the same time? It is only when one is caught that he is arrested and that is what is happening in this situation.”

He warned the pupils to refrain from any form of corruption.