With the high rate of mismanagement of public funds within the jurisdiction of the country’s political office holders, Nigerians have been crying out for a transparent leadership which they are yet to get.

One of Nigeria’s top Legal executive, Festus Keyamo, has stated that the reasons why most politicians cannot handle public funds is because they lack the power to manage little finances before acquiring political power.

He pointed out that some Nigerian are busy complaining about how the country’s money is being looted because they are not opportune to be in political office but when they get any job officer in leadership, they forget about the anger.

According to him, “I notice most Nigerians are angry about looting because they were not part of the looting. Their anger subsides when they get into the system
“Before one can be entrusted with public funds, he/she must have honestly managed smaller enterprises. Most of our politicians have not done this.”

Keyamo has been one of those in the front burner that have ensured that they help fight and spread the pains the Nigerian citizens were facing and he has not relented as he ensures he stays clear from partisan politics.