Corporate spokesman of Nigerian Film Cooperation (NFC) Mr. Briain Etuk tells TONY OKUYEME that more than any other organisation, NFC promotes Nollywood. He also describes the new National Film distribution policy as the most ideal for the sector:

IS it true that NFC is not interested in building Nollywood?

How can they say that? That is not true. Some of the producers collectively and individually are being supported by Nigerian Film Corporation with their film budget. There are those who want to engage in production and some of them some of them needed equipment, we have given them on gratis. Some of them we have gone into co-production with; and we have even taking some of them to international film festivals.

How can they say that we are not interested in building the industry? I think those who said so did so because some of them want to be on permanent sponsorship. And we say that is not right because they are not the only practitioners in Nollywood. Also, some of them have been arguing that they contributed one thing and another to build Nollywood, therefore want preferential treatment. And we have said that is not possible.

You already are aware about the core Nollywood producers group. It is because they have a problem, as some of them want to be president for life and all that, so some people call themselves ‘Core Nollywood Producers.’ What is that supposed to mean?

So that is the fact. We have a data. We don’t have to report to them; we report to the supervising minister.

On the New Distribution Framework introduced by the National Film and Video Censors Board

The new distribution framework is the best thing. The practitioners complain is that of poor production, poor this, poor that, but they did not want to have a good distribution network.