Nollywood actress Chiagoziem Nwakanma is not in a rush to be in a relationship with any man which she deems will not be profitable to her career as they are no serious men.

The actress revealed in an interview that she is not in any form of relationship with any man but she does not limit the chance to go out with any guy for a drink.

Her reasons being that she does not want to commit to something that will not be for the long term but only for the pleasures of the present, saying that she is yet to see a man worthy to settle down with.

In her words;

“No, I am not in a relationship. Everyone has what he or she is looking for. I am still trying to build my career and I don’t want anything that is not serious. If you want to hang out and have a drink with me, cool, but I am not ready to commit to something that is not going to be a long term. Right now, I haven’t found somebody that is worth settling down with.”

She also revealed what she needs in her ideal man and the specifications a guy must possess to tickle her fancy.

“He has to be fine, but let me not go into looks, because there are some things I am attracted to. I am attracted to someone I can have a conversation with. I am more drawn to a good conversation. If we can have that, why not? But if they were to line up here, hmm, I am into dark-skinned guys, tall and handsome.” She said.