With the recently concluded Easter concert staged by Chinedu Okoli popularly known as Flavour and his young blind Liberian friend Semah G, reports have it that the show recorded 20 rape incidents.

According to the Enugu Police Command they have denied such incident happening and Flavour is yet to comment in regards to this allegation.

The police command through its spokesman for the police in the state, SP Ebere Amaraizu has issued that they have been no rape case reported at any police station across the states and as such it never happened.

He went on to say who counted the incident to know that 20 victims were recorded, or was the person walking around with the rapist to count? He asked.

“There is no reported case anywhere in the Enugu State Police Command. We don’t have any incident arising from that event; whoever has any should come forward, and we will look at it.

That event was organized by Flavour as a way of giving back to the society, because he grew up here in Enugu. We don’t want a situation where people sit down somewhere and manufacture stories because he who asserts must also prove. You even begin to ask yourself, those people that quoted number of the rape victims as 20, how they did do the counting? Does it mean they were following the rapists around and the taking the data? Or the victims were assembled at one place and raped? Who are these victims? So, people cannot just sit down and say 1000 persons have been raped whereas there is no evidence to substantiate that. People are just abusing the social media because I understand that someone just tweeted it and it began to spread,” he stated.

When such incident was recorded at Phynofest, the police were fully aware of the cases and proper investigation were carried out which the culprits where all arrested.