Adamma was happy she was getting married to Chief Obinna of same community of Amachara. Chief Obinna is known for his kind heartedness, friendliness and affluence amidst his relatives and his community. This was enough for him to gain acceptance from his in-laws to marry their beautiful daughter.

Few months after their lavish wedding, Adamma noticed she might not be able to endure what she had started to see in her Oby, as she fondly called him.

Oby , although caring, lacks the spirit and ability to satisfy his wife in bed.

He is not romantic, “he doesn’t do those things that moves me before we start the main thing”, she laments to her friend who listened with apt attention.

Am I unlucky to have married him in the first instance, she sobbed.

Initially she thought the problem resulted from long hours at work and stress, but behold, it was the same story all through, even on week-ends when he does not go anywhere.

Which would you prefer, a poor romantic man or a rich un-romantic man?