Viral reports have emerged that popular Lagos big girl and ex-beauty Queen, Dabota Lawson, has been slammed with a law suit over allegations of beauty product imitation.

Reports claimed that the law was slammed at her by a cosmetics company, Natural Dermis Skin Care, of imitating one of the products which they feel was wrong for business growth.

Rather than trade word with anyone, Dabota, decided to write to the management of the company on where and how the accusation was coming from only to be surprised that the reports were all fabricated just to tarnish her image.

Coming out to defend herself with proof response from her said accusers, she wrote, “False news!No such occurrence !! Natural Dermis Skincare never released such statement or filed any law suits. Let alone communicate with whoever started this weak thread. This is just a bid to malign my image & business. An easy bandwagon to jump on– An extremely distasteful and disgraceful media hatchet job . Such lazy reporting that can get people into serious trouble. Shame!!! Thanks for clarifying natural dermis skin care . I wish you all the best in business.”