Switzerland Government has given a Nollywood actor, Charles Okafor $450,000 USD to do a movie that centers on the dangers of living illegally in Europe.

The new movie sponsored by the State secretariat for Migration (SEM) will be shown in Nigerian television.

Speaking through Charles Okafor spokesperson, Lukas Rieder, the authority revealed that one of the causes of illegal migration is the lack of information or false information.

“Human traffickers tell potential migrants that Switzerland is paradise, it’s El Dorado. But that’s not true. We want to provide objective information about the dangers of passage, and the dangers of living in Switzerland is paradise, it’s Eldorado but that is not true.”

 The movie which is titled Missing Steps tells the story of a 20-something university-educated protagonist. He gets into debt and flees to the landlocked European state to solve his financial problems, with the help of traffickers.

But he is denied asylum by the Swiss authorities, and deported to his own country – poor, isolated and unhappy.