Nollywood hunk, Yul Edochie, seam set to quite the world of Make believe to contest for the Governorship sit in his home state of Anambra.

The actor, who is also the son of Nollywood veteran, Pete Idoche say the time has come for the older generation of leaders to take the back sit as they have failed the citizens countless times and have reach their Last Bus stops and give the new generation of leaders a chance to lead because they will put the people first.

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Edoche wrote “My name is Yul Edochie. And I’m running for Governor of Anambra State. 2017… We need a new brand of Leaders who will put the masses first. The older ones have failed us for too long…

They have come to THE LAST BUS STOP.”

Edoche is not the first Nollywood or Nigerian entertainer to aspire for a political office in Nigeria as the likes of Kanayo. O.Kanayo, Kate Henshaw, Obolore Akande a.k.a 9ice are among those to seek power through the ballot box.

However, of the pack, only one entertainer, Desmond Elliot has been successful on the ballot and represents his constituency in the Lagos State House of Assembly and has stayed off the cameras to face his legislative duties. Now should Yul win the election he will kiss acting good bye to perform his responsibilities as a governor.

One critical question in this writers mind is, why is that our actor’s campaign poster without any party name and logo. Is he just seeking media attention or he is serious about the declarations ? Well, time will tell.