Cyber bulling is not going away any time soon, as one keep wondering why a sane person would pick up the responsibility of bullying others especially celebrities.

The funniest part of it all it that, those who bully this celebrities are often a follower who claims to be fan, why not simply unfollow If you simply don’t like the lifestyle of a celeb rather than bully them?

I am glad that our celebrities are beginning to grow thick skins towards Cyber Bulling, as many are beginning to fight back rather than go mum.

Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa shared a vacation picture of her drinking from a bottle and this got her an offensive comment from a fan.

The fan instantly commented saying: “that’s how you will go and be disgracing Nigeria.”


His comment got the actress and singer pissed and she gave him a piece of her mind, she wrote: “Only a disgrace will recognize another disgrace… mind your words man.”