As Africans when a woman is of a marriageable age, parents and family starts encouraging her to find a partner to settle down with.

In some family, the pressure is often much especially when that lady is over ripe for marriage. This has got Nollywood star, Moyo Lawal expressing herself as she claims she is under pressure to marry.

She had disclosed in a recent interview that she would have loved to have be married with kids especially to make her dad happy being the first child of the family but she hasn’t found the one.

She said: ““I would have loved to be married with kids, mainly because of my dad who is still alive (my mom is late) just to bring joy to my dad… that’s what I wish I have attained at my age. I am under pressure because I’m the first child in my family and I know my dad would love to have grandchildren but I think it’s important to find that person that I can make happy and I’m not sure I found that person yet or that person has found me yet. It’s not just about getting married basically, there’s pressure, yes but I’m not putting myself under any pressure.”

The actress who often claims to be a virgin is simply taking her time not to fall a victim of unhappy marriages that flaunts happiness for the camera.

“Society has shown us many unhappy marriages that seem happy to us but are not. I don’t want a marriage that I would have to fight to maintain. It should be easy and comfortable, that’s what I feel. My ideal man is basically someone I can make happy and if they really are interested in me they would find out what I mean by someone I can make happy.”