N*dity seems to be the order of the day for celebrities. Ghanaian female comedian, actress and broadcaster, Queen Afia shared some of her topless photos that got people talking all over the internet.

The Ghanaian actress who said she does not give a hoot what people say or think about the photos told her town Chiefs who had complained about the sultry photo meet American Singer Beyonce and complain about her nudity.

Well it is very obvious that Africans are losing their culture. An African woman is expected to cover up her body as a sign of a woman from a responsible home who will get married to responsible man.

But today, a lot of African women have imbibed the Western way of life as they now see n*dity as a way of life rather than a thing to shun.

God help our unborn generation, what moral values do we pass across to them if those we are suppose to look up to have got it all wrong?