HONESTLY, all these self-appointed waka passes would not allow us drink water and drop cup.

They have filled our ears with all sorts of tales … if not someone dating another, then it is someone refusing to relinquish power.

The latest is that Nollywood is gradually brewing ‘Mugabes’. We didn’t get this and so, we pressed further and the explanation we got was that there are some practitioners, who like President Mugabe have been holding on to power for a long time and even when they are edged out, they will form another faction so that they can continue to be at the head. Well, we asked for examples and the self-appointed waka pass refused to offer example, hard as we pressed, he refused to mention names.

But somehow, we were told that the emerging industry Mugabe is a former president of an industry association, who ran a training facility without success; who is having it hellish organising a film festival and who (as we were told) has an unofficial ( dem even say it is illegal) international distribution license for selling Nigerian films at major festivals.

They say his own style of Mugabeism is to start off something that resembles something that he ran before. They even say he is a principal player in the take off of an association that will swallow all the association including the one he was president of in the past. The Mugabe number two? Dey mentioned a lady. But wait here because dem even reach five! Remind us if we don’t continue the run down next week.