Nollywood is gaining an foothold in the world of academia. Arcadia University, based in Pennsylvania, USA starting in the Spring semester of 2011, will be offering undergraduate credit units on 3 African Film courses as undergraduate credits at its College of Global Studies at its Center for East African Studies in Arusha, Tanzania. Two of these courses are pertaining strictly to Nollywood.

Have a look at the films that the students will be required to watch:

2009 Crazy like a Fox – Tony Abulu (USA/Nigeria)

2009 A Kiss from a Rose – Osita Okoli (Nigeria)

2009 Runaway Prince – Nonso Ekene Okonkwo (Nigeria)

2007 Welcome To Nollywood – JamieMeltzer (USA)

2007 This is Nollywood – Franco Sacchi (USA)

2007 The Amazing Grace – Jeta Amata (Nigeria)

2007 Danger Signal – Teco Benson (Nigeria)

2007 Mama Africa – A collection of shorts by African women directors:
“Uno’s World” – Bridget Pickering (Namibia); “Hang time” – Ngozi Onwurah
(Nigeria); “Raya” (Sated with….) – Zulfah Otto‐Sallies (South Africa)

2007 Love My Way – Ikechukwu Onyeka (Nigeria)

2006 Letter to a Stranger – Fred Amata (Nigeria)

2006 This America – Bethels Agomouh (USA/Nigeria)

2005 The Wooden Camera – Ntshavheni Wa Luruli South Africa)

2004 Critical assignment – Jason Xenopoulos (Various)

2003 Osuofia in London – Kingsley Ogoro (Nigeria)

I really don’t understand what Crazy Like a Fox is doing there? Does anyone really count that as Nollywood? I surely do not. Isn’t it just a bunch of American failed video hos sorry vixens acting a fool? I shouldn’t really judge it so harshly I haven’t even watched it but I sure have seen the trailer and its a hot mess. I wouldn’t be able to sit through it if someone put a knife to my throat. I also think that Runaway Prince should be struck off. Most of the films up however do seem worthy of studying and discussing but I sure would be interested to know how this list was compiled