The sudden death of singer, Normoloss, is seriously generating mix reactions as some people including fans have been throwing shades at each other.

When the news of the death of the singer emanated yesterday, the likes of Stella Damasus, came out to disclose that she was amazed at the news as she never knew he was sick.

This had got many talking and a fan called the attention of the actress to singer, Alariwo of Africa, that he is also sick so that she will not come to say she never knew about it if something terrible happen to him.

According to the fan, “Stella Damasus, now, Alariwo of Africa is sick, don’t come and tell us you don’t know again. Help the needy.” But the actress who was furious by this message replied, “Skondo1, you are such an insensitive human being. How dare talk crap in terms like this.”