Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye is a victim of a bad relationship which ended her as a single mother to a cute baby boy.

The actress, Amanda Ebeye who had shown her distaste about her baby’s daddy whom she happy to apart from is still optimistic that not all men are scum.

“I did not marry the father of my child because he is not my husband and he is not meant to be. I could have been in the most useless relationship right now if I wanted but I told myself instead of giving my son this shameless pretender and liar of a man as a father, I would take care of him and he will be fine.”

The actress has disclosed in a recent post that though some men are cheats, but there are still good men who don’t cheat and she believes in true love.

 “If there’s anything I’ve learned about true love….. Is that it’s real and it exists but sometimes we are too busy looking for perfection and we miss it. People say there are no good men but it’s a lie, I have seen friends married to very good men and they have very happy homes. So why should we settle for less due to pressure? People say men are born cheats but I have seen men that don’t cheat. Marry your friend, marry your man and live the rest of your life a happy person. This couple brought me to tears. God bless their union.” Amanda Ebeye said.