On April 3, 2010, Chelsea Football Club took a slight advantage in the race for the EPL as they edged out champs and fierce rivals Manchester United by a lone goal in an enthralling encounter at Old Trafford.

Far away from the Theatre of Dreams however, one of Chelsea’s biggest fans, and I mean that in every sense of the word, had just taken a break from working at his home studio to watch his favourite team play. With his eyes on the game but his mind firmly on his career, he was silently praying that the year 2010 becomes for him what many pundits predict it will become for his beloved Football Club – a successful one.

A cross between two talented producers OJB Jezreel and Don Jazzy, more in names than anything else, OB Jazz had his first taste of exposure when his feel-good party banger Gbasibe caught on widely on radio in 2007, especially up North. A slightly hurried video was to follow and since then, the gentle giant has gone on to release Carry Go, Mass Hysteria and One More Chance to satisfy a growing fan base. However, few would argue that it is the Peter Igho-directed video for Obi’s latest single Ki Lo N Se that has pushed the Imo State indigene closer to the mainstream than at any other point in his career.

In this edition of 15 Questions of Fame the multi-talented baritone-voiced singer, rapper and producer, OB Jazz, joins me as we talk about his height, his music and the success rate of his New Year resolutions, thus far.

1. What three words best describe you?

Deep, Eccentric, Sincere

2. Where do you live Abuja or Lagos? Your buzz up north is heavy.

Lagos, but I lived in Abuja for about seven years. I was schooling in Owerri around the same time.

3. How tall is OB Jazz?

6ft 5 Inches

4. Have you ever worked a 9 to 5? How would you rate the experience?

Yes, thrice. The first two I didn’t enjoy, to be honest. The last was broadcasting (Brilla FM) and I actually loved it, just overworked myself that’s all

5. On the scale of 1-10, how good is your Ibo?


6. What would you say is your strongest physical attribute?

Honestly dunno…

7. Rapping/Producing/Singing… which one gives you more fulfilment?

Rapping, then producing, then singing

8. What’s the most difficult thing about being an upcoming artiste?
Having limited resources

9. How do you like your women? Tall and slender, pretty but hollow, short and sweet?

None of the above, I like anyone who is good looking and has some ‘flesh’ if you know what I mean, not too tall and not too short. I guess…

10. Not that I’d know anything about it, but Obi you fit the typical woman’s ‘dream guy’ prototype – tall, dark and ahem. So I figure you and women go together like akara and pap…

I really don’t think my height makes it easier. It gets their attention quick of course, I mean the tall part and maybe the voice but then it’s still a case of those who are going to gel will gel and those who won’t…u know…

11. Kelly Hansome has developed a new hobby, it’s called ‘Diss anybody that mentions my name or any of my songs.’ So Obi, do you see beef as an effective tool for marketing in Hip Hop today?

Nah but it works for some people though.

12. How faithful have you been to your New Year resolutions?

I made four but I’ve broken two already. I’m hoping I can make it to July with at least one, think I’ll feel a little fulfilled.

13. What’s the one job you’d never do regardless of how much you’re paid?

Be a doctor; don’t have the patience for patients

14. What makes OB Jazz’ sound different from every other person on the street doing music

My music is lyric-driven. The difference is that even after time passes, the lyrics stay relevant. But also the overall sound is always different and the production is always on point.

15. What are we to expect from you in 2010?

Two albums, 1 mixtape and a lot of features and production work. My self-titled album ‘OBJAZZ’ should be the first out, then the acoustic album ‘Session Tapes volume 1′ still coming, then the mixtape haven’t decided yet….


By Chiagoziem Onyekwena