There has been a new twist to the alleged sex scandal involving Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries and one Stephanie Otobo. Apostle Johnson Suleman’s lawyer, Barrister Osa Director, just waded in threatening to sue Sahara Reporters for N1 billion and also labeling Miss Otobo’s allegation as a lie from the pit of hell.

Below is his press statement:


The attention of our Client, Apostle Johnson Suleman has been drawn to the online Publication by Sahara reporters. It is with utter consternation and indignation that our client received the news that one Stephanie Otobo is claiming to be his lover, after he proposed marriage to her in 2015 but later reneged. The Story was based on a purported letter written by Festus Keyamo’s Chambers.

Our Client has not received any letter from the Chambers of Keyamo or any law firm whatsoever. Therefore it is a gross violation of the natural Justice principle of audi alteram partem to embark on a media trial of our client without giving him fair hearing.

However, anytime we get a letter from Keyamo or any law firm, we shall respond appropriately and adequately without the unethical side kick of undue media attention.

For the records, our Client unequivocally denies any amorous relationship with the said Stephanie. Her claims as stated by Keyamo is vexatious, malicious and a wicked concoction from the pit of hell. As it is customary with our Client he has never had anyone-on-one encounter with the said Stephanie.

Although sometimes in 2015, after a crusade in Canada, our Client received a call from a person who introduced herself as Stephanie, and claimed to have been blessed by the spiritual ministration of our Client. Further probings from our Client revealed that Stephanie was a night club stripper. Our Client insisted that she must change her ways, if indeed she wants to receive Christ. But she later complained of no other means of survival and pleaded for assistance to open an Africa Kitchen food Store.

Our Client being a habitual and chronic philanthropist, with a heart for the poor and the underprivileged promised to assist, and he did. After almost a year she later complained of being broke and business was not looking well and asked for financial assistance from our Client, which he obliged. Those were the only two occasions our Clients rendered financial help to her, and withdrew after some unsavoury disclosures by Stephanie and her reluctance to truly mend her ways, and embrace Christ.

It was therefore strange and gut wrenching to hear several years after from Stephanie, who in collaboration with a gang of five ,which include her Canadian based boyfriend, Wisdom and a top ranking police officer based in Lagos State approach our Client and demanding a ransom payment of N500.milion , otherwise they threaten to provide a tell tale story of romance between our Client and Stephanie to the media and hoodwink the innocent public with the view of ridiculing our Client’s worth and integrity in the public eye.

As a principled man of God, our Client refused to budge to their cheap tantrums of blackmail, knowing full well that you cannot build something on nothing, as an amorous relationship NEVER existed between him and Stephanie.

If true that our Client proposed marriage to Stephanie and conducted a marriage introduction ceremony, we challenged her to provide evidence of the occasion, either photographs or video clips.

Who were the Family members present at the occasion? Where was the ceremony conducted?

We have since contacted the father of Stephanie, one Revered Benson Otobo, who pastors a church in Warri and have businesses in Lagos and Abuja. He described his daughter as ‘wayward and desperate to make money’ He said he was not even aware that Stephanie was in Nigeria and thoroughly denied any marriage introduction ceremony, saying that Apostle Suleman never came to his house, or family home to introduce himself as suitor to his daughter.

He emphatically disassociated himself from whatever blackmailing scheme the daughter is engaged in, ‘I want to clearly state that I am not a part of her gang of blackmailers or a party to her desperate money making scheme’

Stephanie and her gang has since been arrested by the Nigeria Police as they were also recorded on tape disclosing their links with the dreaded terrorist gang, Boko Haram. They threatened to unleash Boko Harem and kill Apostle Suleman. As agents of terrorism, the Police is investigating the depth of their involvement in the several terrorist attacks in the country.

That is beside the charges of blackmail and attempt to extort money from Apostle Suleman.

We have our Clients instruction to demand a retraction of the story from sahara reporters and publication of an apology letter seven days from today. We are also demanding one billion naira compensation as damages.

Our Client will never and shall never succumb to blackmailers and their antics, no matter how highly placed.

Osa Director Esq