The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2016, 19 year old Ayanfe Falana has an evangelist as a mother who is always watching over her to ensure that she doesn’t misbehave during her one year reign. Ayanfe has opened up that nothing has changed about her since she won the pageant.

She said that the pageant was not about exposing the body “I can really say the way most people criticise and see beauty pageant is not really the true situation. I know there are some pageants that you contest and you are required to show your body as you are meant to wear bikini and such stuff. But that is not the case here. This beauty pageant is not all about your outer looks but your inner self as well. It has to do with your confidence, charisma and your intelligence. Even if you expose your body, it doesn’t mean that you would win.”

She said that being a beauty queen  will not affect her normal life “I don’t intend to change my lifestyle because I am a queen. This is me. I don’t intend to have a defiant air.

 Pride has never been one of my traits, so I don’t intend to allow my new status to change my character… I have not put on any ego, I am not pompous. However, people have always respected me even before I became a queen because I also try to respect myself at all times.”