Comedy like we all know is a unique talent that many do not possess. The ability to make one laugh uncontrollable is a special talent from God.

Aside having the talent, it is important for a comedian to expand his knowledge by having wide range knowledge about some many things to aid his career.

No one wants to hear from daft comedian, or someone who is not knowledgeable about simple things people expect him to know.

Therefore the need to constantly improve on yourself to sell your brand is key. In a recent interview, Ace comedian Okey Bakassi stressed on the need for comedians to always improve on themselves.

For the comedian, beyond God for inspiration, hard work is also vital and that includes the importance of improving and challenging oneself.

In his words: “ I think that beyond God is the source of all inspiration is hard work, in this game you must continue to improve and learn and challenge yourself, if you think  you are the top, before you know it, you are gone.”