As several Nigerians continue to express theirdisappointment at the dismal performance of Team Nigeria at the just concludedLondon 2012 Olympics, a wide range ofentertainers who described the outing as disappointing and poor are showingtheir grievances on the team and government.

They attributed the failure of Team Nigeria to Jonathan’s inept and visionlessleadership, which is evident in every facet of our national lives. They alsocalled on government at all levels to stop wasting tax payers’ money onjamborees and frivolities that will end up making the country bankrupt.


Nobody should be disappointed, it only proved to the world that Nigeria is failing in everything or what did youu expect to be the fate of countries that have started training four years ago compared to Nigerians who just started training two months before the event? We shouldn’t shout too much. This is what we deserve.


The Olympic spirit is about participation not winning. Team Nigeria failed because the administrators didn’t want us to win anything. Otherwise how do you explain the lack of training until ten weeks to the games? They will tell you lack of funds, yet they are building castles in Aso Rock, even civil servants too. Or maybe Boko Haram disrupted their training programmes. Only God will help Nigeria.


When preparation meets opportunity you achieve results. As far as I’m concerned, it was a shameful outing considering the fact that millions of naira if not dollars were budgeted for the preparations ahead of the Olympics. Well I just pray that they’ll begin early to prepare for the next one.


I’m of the opinion that we should look at the brighter side of life, because our athletes still outshone other countries. But I also think it’s high time we settle for quality rather than politics. The choice of who to represent Nigeria in any international game should be based on professional savvy, rather than on ‘who do you know syndrome’.


It’s really a shameful thing; we shouldn’t have bothered going at all to fool ourselves. You can’t expect success if you haven’t prepared for it. Lack of motivation by the government is also another reason Nigeria performed badly.


They should stop wasting taxpayers’ money. The preparation was nothing to write home about, it was so shoddy. How do you expect a Nigerian athlete to beat Usain Bolt when all the facilities in our stadium are obsolete?