Omini Aho has become a thorn that will not leave the skin of Nollywood actress, Ogbuji Grace, since it was accused of threatening to leak a s#x tape of the actress. But Omini is denying that he was blackmailing our dear Grace.  

The story had it that Omini had contacted Grace this September and had told her bluntly that he was going to show us the s#x tape that was recorded six years ago. He even went ahead to show us the conversations he had with Grace on Whatsapp but the actress had told us her on side of the story .

Omini is now saying: “So I asked her lesbian partner, that they did a s#x video she thinks I have, they both are not replying to messages or calls. Lol you want to be popular by forming I threaten you? And ride on feminism. Lol please tell them the reply, I’m waiting.”

He even denied threatening and said that he was going to show proof that Grace set him up but that is not moving Grace a bit as she dares him to leak that ungodly tape.