Far from what you might be thinking, Oboli, who is currently enmeshed in a legal war with Canada-based writer, Jude Idada on copyright infringement,

seems to have regained her groove after that sudden halt to Okafor’s Law premier and distribution, as she has now found enough humour to publicly share her new craving: a daughter! The filmmaker revealed this much in the caption of a video of a cute little girl, who always went to welcome her brother from school at the bus station.

She wrote: “I really want a baby girl! I can’t even lie. Girls are too cute!!! This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while.#MamaBoys #BabyGirl #Brothers #Sisters #Siblings #Family #Love #LoveDontHate #SomethingMAJORIsComing.”


Omoni has been married to her hubby, Nnamdi Oboli, for over 16 years now and they are blessed with three boys. But like Oliver Twist, the multi-talent filmmaker wants more! She says to wait because something major is coming. Is she pregnant with a daughter already? We’ll see. In the mean time though, this post of hers sure makes for a good diversion, don’t you think?