The actresses who visited India for a summit ( # AfDBAM 2017) . Thought of killing two bird with a single stone, by visiting exciting places in the country.

The actresses, during their kinda tour around, made a stop at several iconic centers in the country . Such places the visited is “The Mother Teresa Orphanage Home” and “The famous Gandhi home.”

The actresses really had a good time with the orphaned kids which the shared photos from their visit.

According to Omotala, the actress made known in her post that she felt their pains.

she wrote,

‘” Visited the Mother Teresa Orphanage Home # Ahmedabad , # india . I am an Orphan myself and know the discomfort of feeling alone . The most times these kids smile is when they get visits and gifts.

In Gandhi’ s home , the Nollywood actress was spotted barefooted in a photo which she later shared on her Instagram page. She made us know that one is only allowed into Gandhi’s house barefooted.

The actresses are really having fun…