Nollywood actress, Funke Adesiyan has joined the number of celebrities who is basically fed up with online beggars.

According to the beautiful actress, anyone who sends her a direct message to beg for money is prone to receive bulk of curses from her.

The outspoken actress who is known to flaunt her sexy body on social media, blasted her haters who took to her page to troll her over a raunchy video of hers

Reacting to the online troll which came after her for rocking only net, she mentioned that the same people will come to her dm to beg for money

Hence, she warned these “negative” people to stay clear of her DM.

She wrote: “Good morning. Yesterday I posted pictures (lots) purposely to teach people to learn to mind their businesses. I work, very hard at that.

“I seldom post pictures of my business but sometimes when I do, these people who hide under “we are your fans” to spew negativity do not comment to appreciate your business. It is more sad that 80% of these negative people go to your dm to beg for money.

“Henceforth, if you come to my dm to beg for money, I will curse you. If you are bold enough to write negative comment on my page, be bold enough to ask for help here.
To everyone who came to my side, #THANKYOU leave them, if na English speaking actor, na them dey praise am.”