I once told myself, when I was ruminating about you, that you are a great one who is orderly in nature’s way of normal growth of her IDEA, worth being around for the betterment of life.

My action of writing you this momentous letter is founded upon love for the good of mine. We are not in a moment of our departure from this world-less cave and we cannot bring our own dissolution. But subtracting love upon that which the universe is built, this purposeful universe will be in chaos. Like one man once said:

“If we but knew what troubles our world we might, perhaps, fix it. The quandary is that we do not know”.

That could be, or is, in the world’s perspective. But in the perspective of this letter I know that I love you. This is true. But you do not know. You are not even near the primate days to know. You would be a good seed to sow in a land, for future cosmic ages, but the story now is not sugarcoated.

Who would transform my life in this eleventh hour of its perils, if you decide, or have decided, to trade the way I have envisaged in you? I wouldn’t be in a hurry to remind you of this saying: “Every action and its reaction in NATURE must be in balance with each other in order to carry out the purposeful intent of the Creator”.

Or would it amaze you to note that: “Love expressed by action, means balanced fulfilment of its own law of equal giving and re-giving”. What would then be your desire if you do not experience illumination onto cosmic consciousness?

I am conscious for you, not about you, and discarding me will amount to suppression of the great scientific knowledge which will hurt me, not the world.

I am not telling the crowd of this, because they might not hear, but I am telling you that you are a very gigantic responsibility that rest upon my mind and heart. Yet you don’t understand.

The wars of this world which brought about the development of the nuclear fission have done little to the world rating by the way you occupy me and is treating me.

As you have taken cognizance that my heart beats, you have taken the vital part of me – my mind – to the mountain paradise you built. What would you present as eulogy at my graveside?

With Love From,

Odimegwu Onwumere

(NB: This letter is from the heart but not actually written to or for any person except the reader).