Recent statements by Darlington, the second son of Oliver de Coquo has made us come into the conclusion that he has resigned his faith that neither himself nor his other four sibling; who are into music can ever surpassed their father’s achievements, because he feels everything they do they will only shine because of the father’s glory.

The young man who is popularly called Safin de Coque, resigned his faith that he will always be under his father’s achievement even as he praised the legend in these words.

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“I have a new album titled Opportunity. I don’t think any of my father’s children would surpass his record in highlife, we can only try but there can only be one Oliver de Coque. We are only living under his glory.

We would find it very hard to break his record. Don’t forget my father had been making waves even before the advent of internet and social media. I am just being truthful and realistic; I cannot beat my father’s record,” he said.

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He also spoke about the pains of losing his mother at a tender age and how his father tried to beat the challenges of a performing artiest to play the dual role of father and mother.

“Growing up without my mother was lonely and quite painful. Once you do not have a mother, that loneliness is always there. I went to the boarding school and in those days during visiting day, I would see my peers’ parents visit them but I did not have a mother to visit me.

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 No matter how famous or rich I’d become tomorrow, that void would always be there. Money cannot change that. I miss my mother a lot.

“It was not easy for my father but he tried his best. He did not want me to feel the vacuum so whenever he was going to events or shows, he would take me along with him.

When he travelled to the US in 1994 to represent Nigeria, he took me along with him and I was barely nine years old. But he tried his best by playing the role of a mother and father,”©