Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs attended the recently held Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) awards night and they have continued to share photos from the occasion online.

Taking to her verified Instagram page, Joke Silva posted a snap of an emotional moment she shared with Olu Jacobs while at the event.

Love they say never grow old as the veteran movie stars were seen in an emotional display of affection as Olu Jacobs received the awards. It was a real show of a bubbling love affairs that is still generating numerous reactions from fans and colleagues near and wide.

However, as many people were praising this public display of affection by the two old love birds, there has been a lot of mixed reactions about the outlook of Olu Jacobs especially the fact that he is “growing old and worn out” and you begin to wonder if aging is now a crime or how does one expect an old man to appear in this era.

This is coming a few weeks after the news of his rumoured death, which was instigated by one Ufuoma Bernard, who took to Facebook to share Olu Jacob’s photo and captioned it, “Goodbye”. sending shock waves down the spines of many and the lovers of his art.

However, his wife, Joke Saliva, had always debunked news of his death every time it gets on social media.

In a recent post made on her Instagram, to drive home her points, Joke Silva warned rumour mongers to desist from such callous acts or face legal action.

She wrote; ‘‘Good day, good people. Trust you all are good? This is just to inform you that Sir J (Olu Jacobs MFR), as we fondly call him, is alive and enjoying his singing lessons. He wants to add dancing but I have advised him to wait a bit. So, to all those carrying false rumours, remember it is a criminal offence. Desist or legal action will be taken. Signed Joke Silva (MFR) AKA Mrs Ajoke Jacobs.”

It is however worthy to note that Olu Jacob’s death rumours is the only controversy that has rocked the Yoruba born actor throughout his career as he’s one of the actors in the industry with no smear of controversy.

Born Oludotun Baiyewu Jacobs, Olu Jacobs has not faced any scandal/controversy after spending decades in the entertainment industry.

The actor who hails from Egba Alake in Ogun state spent his early life in Kano state, where he attended Holy Trinity School.

Olu studied acting at the Royal Academy of Drama and Art, London, where he starred in various British television shows and series in the 1970s and had walked down the aisle with his wife, Joke Silva in 1989.

When it comes to acting, he is a big shot. Controversies and Olu Jacobs do NOT go together.

Sadly, the 79-year-old thespian did battle unknown sickness for a while, which he recovered from and has been alive and well despite the damaging reports which are not just lies but evil.

The weight of being a “celebrity” especially in this part of this world can be overbearing as a lot of fans automatically cancel celebrities as being human hence putting a lot of “unnecessary pressure” on them not only about their craft but go as far as prying into their personal lives that eventually turn out into “constituting nuisance” as a lot of people go as far as writing untrue stories or events that could damage the images of these people.

In the same vein Patience Ozonkwo of recent had to reply one of her fans who complained about her look in her most recent pictures.

Patience Ozonkwo wrote:

When did old age stop being a blessing?

People do all manner of stuff to cover up aging – good for them!

I own my age and experience with my full chest and count it an enormous blessing.

Comments like:

She now looks so old

She don old suddenly

She don old finish

Ahaa Mama what happened

Make me smile.

Aging is not unattractive or undesirable.

Life is fleeting. Enjoy the years you’ve been blessed with fully. I am not afraid to look/be old. I am not worried about being in any exclusive league or being validated by people’s opinion.

Respect the elderly .

It is very imperative for people to know that old age is a natural part of life that everyone must embrace irrespective of gender and race hence cut people some slack over their looks at old age. We are all going to grow old.

Congratulations and well wishes is all that we are sending the veteran actors from this side of our pen and ink. We do wish them both more love life on earth and a brief message to fans and colleagues out there that “Aging is a blessing and not a curse”.