To launch me into the second half of my vendetta against our artists, I want to use this opportunity to beg them, the women especially to STOP snorting. All that belabored sharp breaths and looking into the air, rolling eyes and saying “God” is so…. pathetic to the acting profession. It is bloody ridiculous. You all are not pigs, only pigs snort in big sharp breaths so please, unless you are a pig in human clothing STOP.

Jim Ikyke
Good actor. Very refreshing but then the show off is way too much. The designer sunglasses at night are a sign of ignorance, not affluence. Then again, this is out of respect, but as an actor projecting an image, the image needs to be palatable, Jim’s teeth look frosty or gunky. He needs some serious teeth polishing; baking soda can also do the trick. It’s not an insult, you are on screen, kissing and doing things with other people. Health is key here. Not repulsion. Also, stop with the big words. Not necessary and sometimes not meaning what you think it means. Anyways, I loved him in stronghold and he is an enchanter. Did it for me in 2008.

Nonso Diobi, Mike Ezuronye
They are together because all that screaming and ….you know what, I do not have the strength to dwell on these mistakes for actors. Moving on.

Omotola Ekiende
My gal. I really like her, but in these times, her choice of roles have left much to be desired. Choose better roles girl and loose weight in the butt. I love how she gives her all in every movie, no accent faking. She gives it all. I’d like to see her in a village wife role or struggling mom, very stripped character will be nice. I never go past any Omotola movie.

Genevieve Nnaji
I am asking for trouble, but trouble is my middle name. This girl needs a new game plan. All the stuck characters and cold fronts are no longer working. I mean come on Genevieve. You have too much talent to be wasting it on all these silly works you have been doing of late. You are stuck in some fake character of stretching your neck, creasing your brows and on ACTING. The Genevieve of last party, prophecy, emergency wedding, death warrant, my only love, two together is GONE. What is going on? You need a manager who can select good works for you. Not to open old wounds but you would have just killed that Tulips movie. You were were perfect for that from what I read in the synopsis. But hey… you have your reasons; just know that you can be replaced so you might want to do something different. Contact me; I can hook you up with a great script a single character with goals, antagonists, and hope. You need to drop a bomb…soon. Right now everything you have done since the ban is negligible.

Nadia Buari
She is good. She knows her onions and where to buy them. She is one of the few actresses who project emotions through their eyes and not making faces. I like that. Choice of movies? Horrible. What Nadia needs to do now is to quit the accent and screaming. Also, she is easily intimidated by other cast. Especially the Nigerian cast… she needs to know she is good, even without obvious direction, she does well, so imagine what she will do with a director who knows how to utilize characters. Sky is your limit. No fashion freak, no oiled lips. All she needs is a good director and a little maturity.

Ebube Nwagbo
One word, B.O.R.I.N.G. I have never seen anyone put the screen to sleep like this girl does. My goodness. She is better in sub leads like someone’s friend or sister, but to take charge, she cannot. She needs some spark.

Thelma Nwosu
Priceless. She is really really good but underused. Then again, Thelma is also one of the stuck actresses; her map goes from down to up, very little intermediaries. She is either angry or happy or somewhere in between those, no gray areas that make a character complex. But she impressed me in loss of trust… she did a good job in one other movie with Kanayo. I will give her a benefit of the doubt because she has not had the chance to really push it yet.

Ramsey Nouah
Your time is past. Right now, all those accents and stiff performances need to be stopped. He is really good when he is playing a laid back low life, but then Ramsey will still speak with an American accent even in the village. I am tired.

Mercy Johnson.
A victim of snorting and saying “God”. Some one needs to tell Mercy to have Mercy. On the hair, clothes and make-up. lets face facts, Mercy has what make-up artists call a “busy face”. everything is large and so obvious, she needs LESS of everything and LESS of energy as well in her acting. I think she tries too hard. In my queens heart, she did well and then in some parts she was trying too hard. When Mercy relaxes, she is a Joy:) to watch. Mercy, less is more.

I will be back but let me end with part with this observation;

Genevieve is fond of saying for Christs sake, Thelma Nwosu will always say honestly, Ini Edo will also say God. Every single movie. There is something wrong with that picture, I am assuming you are to play a different character in each movie? why carry traits of your person into all your movies. That’s a sure path to boring.

My goodness:) we need a lot of work done, it’s enormity scares me to my heart.