As the rains recede and the sun begins to shine again, we are heralded into the dry season and the beginning of the party season in Nigeria. And to tell the truth, Nigerians love to party; no wonder we were adjudged the happiest people in the world. The commonest and oldest form of parties is the family gathering or the outdoor parties popularly known in the west as Owambe party. Unlike most other parties that one can describe as free style, the Owambe party is usually defined by specific dress code now come to be known as Aso ebi. The aso ebi is simply a common uniform worn by family members of the host or hostess of the party. Over the years, it has been extended to friends and well wishers. The uniform can take the form of lace materials or a head gear.

In recent times, as the ankara gained recognition and respect, it is fast becoming a fabric of choice for such parties while the lace remains the choice for high society parties. Which ever the choice is, buba and iro is usually the direction most people go while the younger women opt for more trendy styles like Victorian dresses or bustier and long flowing skirt.

Team your outfit with well stringed beads or precious stones. Costume jewellery also add elegance to ethnic outfit. Coral beads are also in vogue now especially when combined with gold or silver balls. Coral is also an accessory of choice for the royals. A more classic dresser will opt for simple understated gold set or silver set.

For shoes and bags, it is one occasion where shoe and bag should be allowed to match. Although there is no harm in doing the separate thing, a matching bag and shoe comes out classier and dressier.

Although the aso ebi may not appeal to some people because of the financial implication, don’t forget, adorning a uniform, gets you all the attention you need drink or food wise. So, any party this season? You know what to do, be compliant.