Conceptually born of the Nollywood film industry, the FAME project aims to profile the local film industry abilities of the West African sub-region. The Gambia now has the opportunity to be part of this immense initiative.

As a platform especially designed to develop creativity amongst writers, the FAME project constitutes a big chance for Gambians to sharpen their skills in scriptwriting. This is certainly a wonderful opportunity that will allow our country to get into the universe of movie production.

Fully endorsed by the Department of State for Culture and Tourism, Department of State for Basic and Higher Education, the Actors Guild of Nigeria and the Nigerian High Commission, the FAME project will help producers develop their projects more fully and retain talented creators.

Film is a powerful and enduring medium that influences the way we see the world by offering compelling pictures of faces, places and experiences that we might not otherwise encounter. That is to say it provides a window on history and a mirror of society, allowing us to reflect on the past and assess the present.

With the FAME project, The Gambia is on the verge of a major transformation in the way stories are created and how they will be delivered in the film industry.

Tasked with the responsibility to develop and retain talented creators by investing in screenwriting and professional development for filmmakers, the FAME project is a laudable initiative that will help scriptwriters to express their vision and their ability to tell Gambian stories as varied as our landscape.