A mother of four, Kafayat Moses has lamented that her once upon a time dotting husband who is a pastor, has abandoned their 15 year old marriage for another woman. She said that the woman responsible for this wickedness was a woman pastor.

She said that her hubby abandoned her for another woman, thereby, denying her all the rights of a wife. “Things were going on smoothly between us until 2014 when Moses suddenly came to introduce to me a woman evangelist whom he said was a perfect spiritual worker with him. Exactly two months after her arrival in our home, our good relationship started collapsing.”

She added “I discovered that Moses started leaving home every five A.M and doesn’t return until around 11 P.M. every day in the company of that woman. Hunger and suffering affected the children and me. Whenever I put calls through to him that there was nothing for us to eat, Moses took offense and when he returns home, he subjects the children and I to battery, complaining that we were disturbing him.

She concluded that he had earlier asked her o stop the only business that was bringing her money to learn working as a midwife and she obeyed him. Ever since she learnt midwifery, there have been nothing because no customer came. She added Moses has quietly married the woman evangelist somewhere, thereby, exposing the four children and her to trauma, hunger, emotional and psychological difficulties..