Iyabo Ojo has,no doubt, carved a niche for herself in the movie industry; she has consistently remained on the top of her game, despite some moments she described as bad. The mother of two, in an interview with SEGUN ADEBAYO in Lagos recently, speaks about her children and her relationship with Pasuma and Osupa. Excerpts:

YOU recently launched your film in South Africa, what was the experience like?

I have not been to the country before, when the opportunity came, I seized it. The experience was awesome and unforgettable, we really had fun out there. I took the movie there for a premiere to allow my fans over there have a feel of what we are doing at home.

How did you venture into the Nollywood terrain?

I have always loved acting, since I was young. I have always been passionate about the acting profession. Initially, I wanted to be a model and to contest in beauty pageants, but I later opted for acting. At a point, I also wanted to be a singer, but I thank God that I ventured into acting. I have never had any course to regret my decision. Even when the going was tough, I was not tempted to quit, I was very resolute.

How is life with two kids and another man?

In life, we live to learn and learn to live. I have learned a lot being a mother and a lover. The two have shaped my life for the better. Life has been good to me, my kids are doing well. They both understand their mum and my boy- friend understands my job very well. He loves me for what I am doing and doesn’t complain. It has not been rosy being a single parent. I don’t know how I have been able to raise my kids to this stage, but God has been sustaining us. I know it won’t stop.

Would you say you have enjoyed your love life till date?

Love is cool and only the lucky few enjoy the better side of love. I wouldn’t say love has been fair to me, but I am happy with my life and I want to move on from here. I love my guy for who he his and I will respect him by not talking about my relationship with him, especially on the pages of newspapers. There is a man in my life that I love so much because he understands what I do and gives me a rest of mind. The most important thing in the life of a woman is to live in peace and have kids, that is what I am enjoying at the moment. I am very happy today because I have two kids and I have good job.

Sometimes ago, it was rumoured that you travelled out of the country for an abortion, would you like to share the experience with us?

I never went to the UK for abortion. Honestly, that rumour is wicked. I have left that in my past, like I said earlier, and I have moved on with my life because life goes on, no matter what happens to you or written about you. Your inability to move on and understand the hurdles of life will lead to another problem if one is not careful. I am doing fine now.

Would you say you had a special background?

Well, I wouldn’t say my growing up was special, I grew up normally like many others. I was born in the late 70s in Abeokuta. I have two brothers and I am the only girl in my family. My dad is dead, but I still have my mother and she’s doing great.

Why would anybody say that you are a lesbian?

I don’t know. I don’t know how they came about that story. I am a woman and I respect womanhood a lot that I hate any woman who indulges herself in such a shameful act. Those behind that story wanted to destroy my name.

Do you believe that lesbianism exists in the Nollywood?

Nollywood is a large family and to be frank, I have never heard of it among any actresses. I have been around for a long time, I don’t think such immorality exists. And even if it does, count me out of it.

What’s the relationship between you, Pasuma and Osupa, we learnt that your relationship has some strings attached……

Our relationship is very cordial with no strings attached. These guys are my friends and we have known each other for a long time. I don’t know why people are rasing issues about my friendship with these guys. I met Pasuma before Osupa and nothing has changed since then. But like I said, I am closer to Paso than Osupa.

What’s the idea behind the tattoo you wear?

The fact is that I did it because I am a fashion freak, I am a lover of fashion, I love beauty because I have to look beautiful as an actress. As regards the tatoo, I love it and I am proud to be wearing one.

Even on your chest?

Yes, I love the tatoo and I have always loved it.

How would you describe yourself, some people say you are snobbish?

I am not snobbish, I am not against fans loving and admiring what I do, but it should be done with decency. I don’t get angry easily but I could be very nasty when under pressure.

What actually went wrong that led to your crashed marriage?

I don’t want to talk about it because it has been long and I have moved on. People can say what they want to, I don’t give a damn. They have said worse things before and nothing has changed.

What if your ex shows up one day to beg you, what would be your reaction?

He has gone and not coming back. If he wanted to do that he would have before now. It is too late now.

How do you feel about bad things you have read about yourself?

You can’t run away from that, did they ask me to become one? If anything happens to me I have to face it. Some people say that I am wicked, that I am bad, that I don’t make friends and that I fight a lot, it is the price you pay for being a celebrity and I appreciate that.

As a woman, you can’t but have sexual urge, how do you satisfy the urge?

I have a boyfriend that loves me. He comes around when we want to see, he’s romantic. The most important thing is that he loves me and my kids.

Do you plan to formalise your courtship one day?

Sure, why not?.

You were reported to be romantically in love with Muka Ray, would you like to shed more lights on this?

Muka Ray and I have been friends for long. Honestly, I laugh when I hear people say we are dating or having an affair. He’s more than a colleague to me, I respect him a lot. That’s not going to change.

Why do you think you have been a victim of bad stories of late?

I don’t know. Why wouldn’t your colleagues let me rest? They keep spreading rumours about Iyabo Ojo’s marriage break up, sleeping around and all sorts. My major problem is that a lot of people want to peep into my private life because I am a celebrity.

If you look back into your life, what is that thing that you actually failed to set right that has cost you a lot?

My early marriage. Perhaps,r if I had taken my time to understand him better, may be I would have prevented the break up or adjusted to the issue.