Kai! Not again ! Aunty Kemi Olunloyo has gone for the jugulars of Bianca Ojukwu after she had labeled her a mentally sick attention seeking woman some weeks ago.


This time, Kemi says she will open a can of worms about Bianca’s past which shall continue to trail her. she sworn only to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Bianca.

She said ““Bianca finally gave Ojukwu that heart attack that killed him when the money went missing and Ojukwu learned about the commissioner lover. None of Ikemba Ojukwus children relate to her and are all fighting her for their father’s assets. Calling me a fugitive and mental patient is an act of desperation. At least I know who the father of my children is unlike her.”
This was not the bone of contention in this story, “I need to set the record straight. I am not a fugitive in a country that gave me residency as an award from President Bill Clinton, I?’?m not insane and only one thing.”

She added  “She is not only a coward but also a promiscuous woman who was stripped of her beauty queen crown for sleeping around with big and older men…All she wanted was his name and money. Bianca should tell Nigerians why Patience Jonathan got her kicked out of the Aso Rock Villa after she was caught several times flirting and throwing herself on our former president, Goodluck Jonathan who appointed her as some Special Aide/Assistant at one time. “Mrs. Jonathan allegedly wanted her far away from the villa and that’s why she settled her lonely self in Spain as our Ambassador.