Solomon Akiyesi has resurrected from his silence is out to deal with those who were behind the news that almost destroyed him three years ago.

The actor was alleged to have abandoned his pregnant wife, Lilian Akiyesi, in Port Harcourt and came to Lagos, to marry his mistress, Uloma Agwu. He has  pour poisonous venom on bloggers like Linda Ikeji.

Early this year, he has attacked bloggers who said he was sick: “Some of these ragamuffin, wannabe bloggers and journalists are so deceptive, using my name like a contraceptive. I hope they get burnt since they won’t learn. What good do they derive from telling damaging lies about me, telling the world that I’m sick and hospitalised when I’m in my house drinking my coke and eating my biscuit?”

This week, he has taken to his Facebook to speak his mind:  “How could I have forgotten the anniversary of 13th of February when on that day, three years ago, I was accused of abandoning my “pregnant” wife in Port Harcourt to marry my “mistress” in Lagos. It was a day hell was let loose and the world fell at my feet in vituperation.

It was a day the gates of hell was opened wide and I saw tender birds in my life become roaring lions as they bare their fangs, oiled and fine-tuned by the likes of Linda Ikeji and her fellow travellers on the way to perdition.

13th February 2013, was a day when the opportunity came for dogs who have been yearning to bite my flesh, to grab all they could off me… And exploiting their uniformed profession, they took it all from me. Home, wife, daughter and all.

And then, in their warped reasoning that wearing a pair of smelling khaki uniform means you have the power of life and death, they made attempt at my dignity. But that was where God stepped in to scream: “Touch not my anointed!” And then they have remained disillusioned confused, mesmerised, weak in the knees and brain ever.”