Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, might be making some amount of money into her account from her acting while she does some on credit but being a single mother seems to have slowed some things down for her.

The actress explained that being a single mother without the support from any man has made her not to be able to live some extravagant lifestyle and not able to afford latest cars she would have loved to buy.

Uche noted that she is not complaining about her child because she brings her joy each day that passes by but stressed that her major challenge has been finance and would wish she had a partner to support her along.

“There really isn’t any challenge in motherhood; the main challenge is in being a single mother. As a single mother, you are doing the job of two people on your own ranging from the financial aspect to raising a child. The challenges would be that sometimes I am not able to do some things that I would if I were not with a child as a single girl; now I have to consider my child first. Sometimes there are some extravagances that I am supposed to indulge in but I cannot.

“It is just like when I had my baby, because I had to pay for my trip to the US and also foot my medical bill, I could not get the latest car that I wanted to drive then. It is one of the challenges that I faced, if I had someone to support me, like a partner, the financial burden would have been less. There is no challenge in nurturing my baby because she gives me so much joy. She sees me through the day and when I think about all the things we do together, it keeps me going. It makes me want to struggle the more because I want to give her the best in life,” she told Punch.