When you see Chiwetalu Agu in a new movie, you know that you are going to learn a tongue twisting speech.

 The actor who is a perfect character for evil roles have suffered a lot of misunderstandings and sometimes physical abuse by some people who erroneously believe that what they watch about him is real.

He said that some doctors in Abuja prescribe his movies to patients with BP to help them get relief because of how comic he is.  “I saw many years ago that the writers were not putting comic relief in the scripts so I decided to create it so that even if you’re watching somebody who has been poisoned or killed in whatever way, you’ll have cause still to laugh.No other person has strived to create comic relief that’s too bad,” he lamented.
Chiwetalu narrated . “Way back like 15 years ago when they couldn’t understand the difference between an actor and the real person, when the movies are done and they come into the market, after watching it, they used to throw sachet water at me. Some could come as if to greet you and slap you, beat you on the shoulder, but I was able to bear the situation@