Veteran Juju singer, King Sunny Ade better known as KSA, has been a good father to all his children and grandchildren and he is just relaxed now enjoying the fruit of his labour.

Recently, the singer whose relevance is still felt in the industry was questioned on his plans of having another wife and he was stunned by such question as he felt it was a curse.

He stated that he has lots of matured grandchildren which on sighting many will think he has a new wife which is the reason why he does not like stepping out with them to events.

In his words with Sun newspaper on plans of having a new wife, “A new wife? Are you praying for me or cursing me? If you see some of my grandchildren, you’d marvel and that’s the reason I sometimes forbid them from going out with me. A lot of times people had said, “good afternoon madam, how are you madam?” to some of them and I would interject, “she’s not madam o, she’s my grandchild. And they’d argue it cannot be true. I believe I clocked 70 on September one because if I die today, they’d say he dies at 70. But the media guys would say ‘he dies a few days before his 70th birthday.”