Pete Edochie Gives Condition For Ruling Nigeria

Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie has given the condition for any man to rule a country perfectly.

According to the actor, any man who is able to cope with women can rule a country.

In a video posted on his official social media account, the actor spoke on women’s roles at home and in society.

Pete also noted that any man who hits women out of provocation does not qualify to be a man.

He said women are not the easiest to be with but they turn a house into a home when they get into it.

“A house is a house but converges into a home only when a woman gets into it. The strength of a woman is in her tongue. If a woman provokes you and you strike her, you don’t qualify to be a man.

“But if you can cope with a woman, you can rule a local government, you can rule a country.”