have always felt that picking ones’ spouse’s phone calls is wrong. Some people foolishly believe that its one sure way to find out of… their man or babe is cheating on them. If you use phone calls and text messages from your lover’s phone to judge his or her fidelity, you could end up dead wrong. And destroy the relationship.
What about net work problem in Naija? Haven’t you ever called your babe and a male voice answers? Or you’re trying to call your mum in East and a strange guy takes the call? Would you say your aged mum has started banging a strange man? My cousin used to call me from Port Harcourt and later she stopped calling. Why? She said whenever she calls me, a Yoruba man picks the call. She wanted to know why I always give my phone to the man. But some people have argued that couple who picki each other’s phone calls, shows the love, understanding and trust in the relationship. Do you agree? Read what others have to say on the issue.

One: yes, (she laughs) he’s free to pick my calls since he’s just my lover. But if he’s my husband, I won’t allow it! My husband may think a male caller is my lover. But my lover can pick it, hear whatever voice he likes. He can go to hell if he feels like! Allowing one’s husband to pick a call does not mean one is faithful or unfaithful. Allowing your spouse to pick your call is not a parameter to judge whether he or she is faithful.

Two: it’s very wrong to pick anyone’s call. My wife inclusive! You have no right to pick my calls . Is that supposed to be love or what? For God sake! It’s supposed to be a personal phone. If it’s a land line in the house, any one may pick it but not when it’s a handset. Also remember that the caller wishes to speak to the owner and your picking the call may probably waste the credit for the person. The caller may probably not call back.

Three: I don’t pick my wife’s calls. It’s not really because of anything but I know due to the nature of her job. But my children pick my calls and that of my wife’s. One major reason is that the phone is her personal property. The only time I picked her call was when she forgot her handset at home and went to the saloon. When she returned, I gave her the message of the caller. Why should a man or husband pry into his woman’s privacy?

Four: ( with a hard glare and a snap) why pick her call in the first place? It means you want to give yourself heart attack! There are certain things you see in your wife or lover’s phone or hear when you decide to pick her calls that you may interpret wrongly. Even when those things don’t mean anything. If you don’t trust her, you don’t have any business prying into her privacy.

Five: there’s nothing wrong with picking my wife’s calls. It could be that it’s an important and urgent call. Or even a business call. If I’m not in the room, she can pick my call and later pass on the message. I pick my wife’s calls. I know what she can do and what it can’t do, so it has nothing to do with judging or detecting her fidelity.

Six: I’m not in the habit of picking her calls except she permits me. It goes a long way to show trust. If she’s stepping out, she tells me to pick her calls. I also give her free hand with my phone. I don’t out of curiosity pick her calls or read her text messages. It’s because of lack of trust and moral decay in society that people pick their spouses calls. Someone you call your wife and have bear children with, should have the right to pick your calls.

Seven: yes, I can allow him to pick my calls, simply because I don’t have anything to hide but that doesn’t mean I like it. It’s a mobile phone, it’s supposed to be a personal thing. It has nothing to do with trust. People who link trust to picking their spouse’s phone calls are not “exposed.” I don’t like the idea but if he picks it, anything he finds, he will have to deal with it. There are certain things you must not hear nor know about.