Wearing a police uniform is something many Nigerians wouldn’t want for themselves, but for Nollywood actress Uju Okoli, she shared photos of herself beautifully adorned in the uniform of The Nigerian Police Force, as she introduced her character as Ethel in a forthcoming movie, which is yet to be released, as she implored fans to watch out for it.

The Nollywood star who is known for playing various amazing characters in movies has never been known to play the role of a police officer in her movies, this looks like a break from the norm for her, as she seems excited about her new role, which will indeed capture the interest of her fans, who will be in awe of her new role, and will surely watch out for how she will fare playing the role of n officer, which is unusual but in her career.

Her look on the photos she had shared is one that will leave many people marvelled at how beautiful the Nigerian Police uniform can look on am individual when it is been worn with swag, delight, and a carriage that goes with pride, indeed she can be said to be a real stunner with her amazing look, which portrayed her as a real epitome of what an ideal police officer should look like in uniform.

In as much as her look is really a joy to see, any of her fans will be waiting on to see the type of character she will be portraying in the movie, as she looks like an officer who is diligent and an about her duties in the force, she appears like a no-nonsense officer who is out to give criminals a run for their money when they go against the law.

Images credit: Uju Okoli’s Instagram page.