Indeed, no profession in this world that comes with ease. Acting may look too simple and so fun when we cross our legs in our various homes to watch but the process goes through isn’t a mere one.

And that is exactly the story of this delectable actress, Yewande Adekoya also known as Yewande Omo Elemesho as she collapsed on movie set. In case you haven’t seen it, the sexy actress recently released a movie titled Kudi Klepto which did well for itself in the market. However, information has claimed that the producer, Yewande collapsed on set during the shooting of the flick.

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When she was asked in a recent interview about the challenges she faced in shooting Kudi Klepto, the Ijebu-born diva said, “Funny enough, I was not really challenged because I got more challenges in Omo Elemosho than Kudi Klepto. My equipment and all went faulty when we were shooting Omo Elemosho but Kudi Klepto was smooth. I only fainted a day to the conclusion of the shooting of the movie.


I don’t know. Probably from exhaustion because I gave it my all and everything went smoothly except my fainting. I was revived 10 minutes after and I continued with the shooting because I had to finish it. Stylishly, I think I am a workaholic. I am happy that Kudi Klepto was well received.

It rebranded and added to my value in the market as a good producer. After people saw it, they felt I have something to offer. Though, the story must have happened to someone somewhere which I don’t know but I created the concept. It is not as if I heard someone’s true life story and I put it into acting. May be it looks too real to people but I created it”.