The trend of some actress breaking homes has still not been left behind and it’s really sad that 2017 is kicking off with such things happening.

Nollywood actress Odita Awele is a fast rising actress and a movie producer who was recently rumored to be pregnant and she vehemently denied the rumor. 

Somehow truth always have it’s way of coming out to the open as the wife of the man she is pregnant for went public to congratulate her on her pregnancy and also wished her a safe delivery.

The internet has been on fire as fans have been bombarding the actress with questions which are yet to be answered. until now, the actress hasn’t responded to the controversy trolling her.

See the message below: “Awele congratulations as you achieved your aim over my husband.i wish you save delivery, we will both enjoy the relationship.”

See Mummyahliyah and husband’s photo with their kids below:



Nollywood actress Odita Awele below:

odite 40003.jpg