Comrade Bala Tsoho, the principal of the Vocational and Rehabilitation Centre Bwari has said that the reason some boarders left the centre was because they had no value for their lives.

He said that they escaped because they taught they were being held against their own wish for the greater good of the government.

Tsoho said enough security measures have been put in place to forestall any future occurrence.

 “There are so many that were picked on the streets and become technologists here because we rehabilitate and train them,” he added that the people trained also received a start up pack and cash to start up their own.

He said that the escaped boarders had help from the inside but they are doing all it takes to apprehend the culprits.

 “Is there any religion that permits begging? Then somebody is trying to correct you and you are taking offence. It means you don’t know your worth. Both Islam and Christianity do not permit begging, rather they encourage people to love and share,” he said.