This Ghanaian actor is so randy he has fathered many children outside wedlock and most of his girlfriends never knew it. Yet they keep falling for his charms.

Busy bodies said one Nigerian actress is pregnant for him. The fine bloke promised he was going to marry the chic, but we hear the guy took off jas soon as the babe told him she was pregnant. The actress has a very popular man in the entertainment industry as her father. She was once rumoured to have dated one of the finest blokes in the movie industry.

Another Nigerian actress who is featuring in a Ghanaian soap, had a baby for him and of course, he dumped the lady when she told him she was pregnant.

The actor is light skinned. He has not really featured in so many Nigerian flicks, but he is playing a prominent role in one South African soap that is widely shown on cable TV. He is light skinned and handsome.