Nollywood actress cum Body Positivity Advocate, Monalisa Stephen has opened up on why she loves dating older men. Monalisa Stephen, who also noted in a recent interview that marriage is overrated, had said she will love to have someone who will jointly enjoy life together without any form of commitment.

Speaking on what she expects from a man that wants her for marriage or dating, she said, “Everyone knows I have always liked older men. I use to be ashamed to say it but now I can say it with my full chest. I love dating older men. And yes, men in their 60’s and above. And if I ever consider marriage, I’ll end up with men in that age bracket.”

On why she doesn’t want to get married or have kids, Monalisa Stephen says marriage is overrated.

She said that she would rather have someone that they will jointly enjoy life together without any form of commitment; no marriage, no kids.

“I just want to be with someone and we enjoy life together. He doesn’t have to put a ring on it to prove his love. Marriage is overrated. I also don’t want to have kids. I want to adopt my kids. A lot of kids are out there who don’t have a home. I want to give them a home and let them know how it feels to have a mum and a Family.” she noted.

Shedding more light on the vision and mission of her latest project, LYF (Love Yourself Movement) the talented actress said: “The Love Yourself First Movement was created 10 years ago for people like me (Fat). As a teenager, I have been body shamed, silenced, bullied, and frustrated. This movement encourages you to love and feel good about your body, no matter what it looks like and I’m happy about my journey so far. I’m grateful. Our first boot camp comes up March 13 to 16.”

The research in this area shows that not only are younger women attracted to older men, but older men are attracted to younger women, a convenient situation for heterosexual couples’ she explains. ‘When we ask men and women what aged partner they would prefer, men tend to say that they would like a female partner who is a few years younger and women tend to say that they would like a male partner who is a few years older. This preference exists cross-culturally which suggests that it is nearly universal’. Professor Fugere points out that this phenomenon persists throughout our lives, as men age they prefer even younger partners while as women age they continue to prefer older partners until around the age of 70.