Redeemed Christian Church of God Founder, Pa Josiah Akindayomi’s daughter, Titi Akindayomi-Adewale has finally opened up.

She said; “My father was not a stark illiterate who could not read or write. I saw his notes when he was alive. He was formally not learned but he was so interested in learning. Part of the Sunday school period in the church then was devoted to people who wanted to know how to write.”

“All they did was to learn alphabets in Yoruba. Part of those who benefited from the programme was my mother. They did the normal Sunday school but also had time to learn how to write. My father was reading his Bible very well. He wrote his notes. He had beautiful cursive handwriting. Unfortunately for me, I did not keep his notebook.”

“RCCG was not the first name of church. I think the first name he had was Ijo Ogo Oluwa, and then Apostolic Faith of Africa and one other name I can’t recall before God finally revealed the name Ijo Irapada which is being interpreted Redeemed Christian Church of God.”

“He wrote the name down by himself. When he got up from the revelation, he called one Pastor Ayodele to work on the name. They prepared the logo of the church later”.