Back in the good ol’ days, Before civilization kicked us in the face…. We all from the Delta region and the south south riverine areas had so much fun growing up. Even with our local Bamboo thatched houses,our fishing canoes and nets. It was usually a serene and tranquil atmosphere as we return home every evening after the days fishing…..

The subtle sun up in the beautiful sky.. throwing its sweet reflection on the wihspering waters creates a wonderful picture and and one is forced to reflect into the beauty of nature inspirational creativity….Oh! it is always a sight to behold.

Civilization came with oil discovery, so much societal problems, civil war,inter-traibal coflicts, kidnapping,regular exchange of gunfire, aimless killings, bitter quest and ownership of oil regions and suddenly my once tranquil atmosphere was disformend into nothingness.

Will I ever find forth my reflection of beauty?…Eventhough I long so much for my lost beauty, I am sure to find it yet but only in my utopic imaginations……Oh! my Reflections of Beauty

Original painting and write up Martins Aighoria.for